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Netherbolt Netherbolt 23 October 2018

Wiki Logo Redesign

I wanted to make it known that lately I have been working on a redesign for the wiki logo. I feel that it could use a little updating; the current logo looks like this:

The new one won’t be completely different; however, it will actually have more of a 3D effect to it. The “Wiki” part of the logo will also hopefully look nicer.

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Yung$cared Yung$cared 18 May 2017

Stellarcraft - Mooncraft Clone in Python and Pyglet

I am starting a Python project that I plan to be a Lunacraft-like game for Windows/Mac/Linux. Since it is written in Python, it will be open source.

I already have basic cubes and terrain generation with cubes. It generates the terrain with 3d Simplex Noise. It has seeding functionality just as Minecraft, inputing the same seed will always return the same terrain. Anyone interested?

The graphics and textures are placeholders. If anyone wants to make 16x16 or 32x32 textures, that would be great!

I updated some textures and enabled multiple textures on one cube. I also changed the sky color to purple to give more of an other-worldly atmosphere. Here is what the game looks like right now.

I added some basic plants that are randomly generated. The…

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Netherbolt Netherbolt 10 April 2017

My theory on the cave frequency setting

Lunacraft has five world settings, which can be found on the Creating Your Moon page. One of them is the Cave Frequency setting, which, to a new person, would seem to adjust the frequency of caves. However, there doesn't seem to be any natural caves, and Chasms were removed in Update; however, Lunacraft does have Astronaut Lairs. My theory is that the Astronaut Lairs are actually a sort of "artificial cave" intended to look like the Astronauts built it, and that the Cave Frequency setting actually adjusts that. I will edit this blog once I have my results.

  • 1 1st Test Results
    • 1.1 1st moon
    • 1.2 2nd moon
  • 2 2rd Test Results
    • 2.1 3rd moon
    • 2.2 4th moon
  • 3 3nd Test Results
    • 3.1 5th moon
    • 3.2 6th moon
  • 4 Conclusions

I have done the first out of three test on this theor…

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Calebcraft Calebcraft 18 February 2017

What will happen to Lunacraft in the advancement of technology?

Lunacraft is for the I-phone six S,Ipod,and Ipad and if we can make this page strong then we can have Lunacraft in future iOS and even android versions. So we have to try and bring back Lunacraft to popularity for future installments. So join the wiki and help us on our journey to reveive Lunacraft!!!😄😄😄

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Calebcraft Calebcraft 18 February 2017


Hi... This is Caleb... Aka Netherbolts brother and i have played lunacraft but cant now but ill still try and contribute to the page. == ye

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Netherbolt Netherbolt 13 February 2017

My adoption of this wiki

A few days ago I have adopted this wiki. All I can say is, the experience has been nice! Because I have admin now, I can do certain things that I previously wasn't able to do, like editing protected pages, and changing the theme. This wiki might be in perhaps it's worst state in its history (let's be honest, it is), but I'm definitely hoping I lead this wiki to a much brighter future.

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AstroNote1248 AstroNote1248 23 December 2016

For the Lunacraft devs, if they ever happen to come across this post.

Dear Devs, It's great to see that Lunacraft has gotten a new, long-awaited update. Call me impatient, though I do already have some suggestions for the next... Please hear me out: 1. I know that they are definitely very old OSs now, but support for ios6 and ios7 would be still important imo... 2. Mobs NEED to respawn every now and then. It just happens to often that whole areas of land become barren after a short amount of time. In addition, after all the enemy astros and brown mobs are dispatched the game can get a bit underwhelming. 3. Please re-add chasms. They might have been for all mining purposes almost useless, as well as annoying to get out of, but at least that spices things up. 4. I havent yet checked if the infamous beacon glit…

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Netherbolt Netherbolt 21 December 2016

Why did Update 2.01 take so long?

It took three years for Mode of Expression to update Lunacraft from Update 1.91 to Update 2.01. One person said that it's because they were updating several of their other apps, which might be the case, but there might be other reasons. Hopefully they start doing more frequent updates.

What were the results of this? The answer is the death of this site. This wiki is practically dead, thanks to the three year gap between the updates. It even had an effect on me. When I first downloaded the app, I played it a lot. But I saw how long ago the last update was, and I started to think that Mode of Expression was done with it. Then, out of nowhere, and on my little brothers birthday too, Update 2.01 came out, which really suprized me. This triggere…

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AstroNote1248 AstroNote1248 24 October 2015

Astro Lairs

I've been reading though pages in this wiki and it seems that there are some disrepancies regarding Astro Lairs/Caves whatever you call them. At first I took it for granted that "Cave Frequency" changes how many Astro Lairs will spawn, and many wiki pages say so, but I've also read that "Cave Fequency has nothing to do with Astro Lairs, but rather the now-obsolete chasms or something that was intended to be eventually added to the game (likeoxygen levels , for example).

Now I've got a few worlds. My main one, (40km^2 -- but I also got lost a lot without finding any astro lairs, which fustrated me coz I wanted to get killed so I could spawn back home.... so I'd estimate that the area I "know" is about 25km^2) has now more than like 15 Astro …

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Supernova544 Supernova544 21 March 2014

Infinite Craftable Goodies!

Hi, Supernova here. A while ago I discovered a cool bug that I call The infinite craft able goodies bug. So you feel like it is just to hard to collect the resources for all those energy orbs? Well it's your lucky day! While crafting simply throw the crafted item out if the box it starts in! Then another will take its place! Do it again! And another comes! And another!

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Supernova544 Supernova544 3 January 2014

Profanity Alert

I've been editing on this wiki for a while now, working on the articles. I came across the devices page and all 3 comments, had profanity. 2 of them, were words for private parts. The third, was one of the worst words you could ever say. I've been cleaning this wiki of profanity for a while now, and I've deleted the comments I was talking about. But I need YOUR help. If you see profanity or inappropriate words, alert me on my talk page and I'll either delete it or bleep it out. -Supernova544

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Supernova544 Supernova544 10 December 2013

Winter Wiki cleaning

I believe we need to do a little article cleanup here. I've been cleaning some things up for a while now. I noticed that often in the articles main info is mostly located at the bottom under "general info". As admins, it is our job to help this wiki and it's users. But, if all the main info is located at the bottom and a user didn't know, it wouldn't find anything about the block that that user wanted to know. All they'd find would be some pictures, crafting stuff, and a scan. As admins, we need to clean this up and bring all that info up to the top, so that this wiki is actually useful and if it's not useful, no one will come to it. So all admins who are reading this please help me save this wiki. Your fellow admin, Supernova544

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Newby teh Newb Newby teh Newb 5 December 2013

Sorry for the inactivity my iPod broke :(

My iPod broke so for that I'm very sorry I might not be very active but I'll pop on once in a while I got an iPhone 4S now so I can still play but I can no longer make videos sorry about the contest guys my iPod broke 1 day before the end of it :'c--Newby teh Newb (talk) 02:59, December 5, 2013 (UTC)

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Supernova544 Supernova544 28 November 2013

1 entity turrents

So, this is just another one of my discoveries,but this time it's about turrents. In my survival world I set up a perimiter with turrets but for some reason the center turrent on the stacks always seemed to die first. That sound like a coincidence to you? No I didn't think so. So I started testing. It seems to be, that since the turrent on top is on a block directly above the center turrent, in a space we normally can't go because it will just bounce us back. It seems to be, that when ever the top turrent takes damage, the center turrent takes the same amount of damage. Then, the top turrent starts shooting at whatever shot it, and kills the center turrent because it's in the same entity space.(that's why this blog is called "1 entity tur…

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Supernova544 Supernova544 26 November 2013

Supernova's spawning theory

Some people think mobs are attracted to the players position. Others believe they are attracted to polymer and light blocks. But I have thought and (if I'm right) discovered the truth behind the spawning. I believe the spawn when you load a new chunk . I think this because I was in my world and I loaded an area and saw some mobs that weren't there before" Please note that this is just a theory and I have not proven this as fact yet, however I would appreciate it if you helped me by testing this in your worlds (I'll give you some credit, too).

Edit:This Has been proven, thanks to Mrob27 for helping to prove this.

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Nickslasher4 Nickslasher4 24 October 2013

Astros keep spawning!

Hey guys it's me again, I have one question here... I know it sounds dumb but, every time I create a new moon and wheter its at max. Or min. World settings, Astros keep spawning no matter what world settings you made, and I think I heard mrob27 that he said that some moons have no Astros, but they keep spawning no matter how many times, I just wanted a peaceful world, no Astros,just the passive mobs,so is there any way to get rid of them besides of killing them with turrets?

And I don't want them cus im building a city u see, but if they shoot at the brown mob, they could explode and destroy some of my works, so yeah I just want peace and quiet no Astros at all, thanks

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Nickslasher4 Nickslasher4 20 October 2013

Project 1: building a Moon Base

Hey guys, you may think I'm new, but actually I'm not in other wikis... Anyways,Im building a very big moon base (creative) Starting now and before I could start building, I wanna hear your ideas on what the base may look like

Thank you for your cooperation, if ever have :)

Project will end on exactly November 10,2013

Next project coming soon: building a glass dome

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Newby teh Newb Newby teh Newb 20 April 2013

Best Lunacraft Tower Contest

I am holding a contest to see who can make the best Lunacraft tower. 1 tower per a person may be submitted. In return i will feature the tower picture in my new video series on  This is too help get viewers and some subscribers. i will only list Your username and the name of your tower in the video. The contest starts now and ends April 1st. Try Your best and may the best tower win! 

Only 3 towers will be accepted as a winning tower

contest ends June 1st 2013

Contest participants may only enter 1 tower but may have multiple pictures of the same tower

username and the name of the tower is required

view my video series on my username= nmaure414 and the name of the series= lunacraft adventures

Have Fun!!!!

Lunacraft Adventur…

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Dblcut3 Dblcut3 4 February 2013

Block Universe Wiki Group


I am the CEO of Block Universe. We own three popular wikis that get about 30k weekly views all together. If you advertise us, we will also advertise you. We garentee you will get some new members!

Thank You,

-Dblcut3 Eden Wiki Admin 20:47, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

BTW a few of our members are already on this wiki like Ljous and Super Nova.

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 31 January 2013

Wouldn't That Be Cool?

As usual I will start this blog saying I am sorry for not writing a lot of blogs. I am kind of tired of Lunacraft with my tiny attention span and I have been bothering with more important things. No offense all valiant Lunacrafters. But I have been poking around here and I saw a blog by Newbie Teh Newb (I think that was his name... Sorry if I got it wrong) about a relatively simple concept; new mobs in the game. It was not unlike multiple others about new items or crafting but it was very interesting to me and it got me thinking wistfully about all the possibilities open to Lunacraft with just some new mobs. Wouldn't that be cool? Actually this blog started as a comment on his post but it became SO OVERLY OVERLONG like all my blogs and I j…

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Newby teh Newb Newby teh Newb 29 January 2013

New Blocks and Items

  • 1 New Blocks and Items
  • 2 Natural Blocks
  • 3 Crafted Blocks
  • 4 Items

There should be new blocks and items for extra fizzle. These are listed by natural blocks, crafted blocks, and items with recipes.

These blocks can be found naturally and can't be crafted.

Copper Ore

This block Is found just as commonly as aluminum ore and has brown spots on a gray block.


This block is found in clusters very deep below ground it is a black block with purple spots.


This block is found in the top of trees made of colorwood. It is completely pink and and not very common in colorwood trees.

Blood Ore

This block comes in clusters of 2 and are rarer than blue crystals. It's a black block with red splats on it.

Emerald Ore

This block comes in clusters of 4 and are just …

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Newby teh Newb Newby teh Newb 29 January 2013

New Mob Ideas

  • 1 New Mobs Idea
  • 2 Hostile Mobs
  • 3 Non-Hostile
  • 4 Semi-Hostile Mobs

Hi I think there should be more mobs! This Is a brief description of each new mob there should be if you want me to add your ideas just let me know ill add them and give you the credit :D

These are Hostile and will kill you on sight.


This mob is the same shape and size of an astronaut except it has claws and will claw you to death it's a green raggedy texture with big red eyes. Has large amount of health and hits pretty decent damage.

Alien Kid

This mob is the kid version of the alien. It is the same as the alien just half as big. It has a decent amount of health and does the same damage as an alien.

Astro Kid

This is the kid version of the astronaut. It has a small amount of health a…

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Wolphman1 Wolphman1 24 January 2013

End of the Times

This is my new blog for your favorite times in lunacraft.

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Wolphman1 Wolphman1 22 January 2013


If anyone needs help with mobs or figuring out a glitch just ask me I know a lot already about the game

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Supernova544 Supernova544 4 December 2012

Weirdest discoveries ever

Once on one of my moons I was walking across the landscape on survival and I almost fell into an astro lair and there was a branch of a tree over it and a block of polymer was growing on it.

Once I was walking across the landscape and saw a slt growing on a cwt.

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Supernova544 Supernova544 2 December 2012

Working escape pod. In lunacraft!

Ever wanted an escape pod in lunacraft in case you have a large astro problem that you can't take care of? Well this is your dream com true! First your going to need a setup like this with a room under it. Then go into it and place a block on the wall so that you will inside the other wall and you should see this Then jump a few times and you should end up in the underground room. This can also be used as a door that keeps all mobs out. The only problem with it is that it is a one way door.

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Supernova544 Supernova544 27 November 2012

One great legend of lunacraft uncovered

Many of you may have heard of the legendary block type 130. And what a mysterious block that is. When you drill it you get a disk. There are many different types of 130. They look different on different sides. One theory about this mysterious block was that it made Astros spawn. And today I will tell you the truth about this mysterious block. Right after these messages.

Do you have stinky, dirty teeth? I'm just kidding about the messages. Anyway, lets get back to block 130. The truth is, that it is not connected to spawning at all. How did I learn this , you ask?well once on my moon d I was wandering the landscape and saw some Astros spawn. Then I killed them and dug down where they spawned. And guess what? I dug to the bottom of the world …

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 18 November 2012

Mob name changes

So I have been thinking that the mobs from Lunacraft have really boring names. I originally thought that these were their real names, specified in the game. But then I realized that they were given to them by this wiki. No offense to those who worked on that but really, a little creativity peoples? 'Brown mob?' 'Blue I?'

So I am now campaigning to have these names changed, I'm not sure how many people I would need to support this, but if you are an admin and you see this and support it, please comment. I have written below a few suggestions for names, and if you have any others I will add them. After I have enough support and enough names I will have a vote. So, some New Names.

  • 1 Brown mob
  • 2 Blue I
  • 3 Astros
  • 4 Space Giraffe
  • 5 Green Mob

Suicide bomber,…

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Supernova545 Supernova545 7 November 2012

Fort blue 1

I have built my new base. It is a fort and is full of battlements and watchtowers. It also has a moat and a flag that looks like a blue 1 . Here are some pictures.

I made this on creative.

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Mrob27 Mrob27 6 November 2012

Mobs attracted to Player

For some reason, the content of the page "Mobs_attracted_to_Player" was marked for deletion, so I have created this blog article to try to preserve it.

There is substantial evidence that Mobs tend to spawn near the player, and that the game re-spawns the player in a position near existing mobs, such as Astronauts that have just killed the player.

Yoshiyahu reports:

  • So I was playing Creative mode on one of my Moons, and I was building my house from Zircon Ore, when I heard a bunch of shooting. When I first started building my house, there were no astronauts near were I was building my house. So I saw five astronauts all shooting at me. I shot them all then continued to build my house. About five seconds later, I saw five more astronauts. I als…
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Space giraffes are hard to examine in a building

If you play lunacraft then you know what a space giraffe is. But it is not a good idea to hold one captive in a building and have windows to examine it. As you know you can't see mobs or ice through glass so for a window you will just have to settle for a hole. Now back to the giraffe. It is not a good idea because it will go through your windowed walls. Yes that happens iv'e tested it and if you do not believe me then test it yourself. I hope this piece of info can come in handy.

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Mrob27 Mrob27 21 October 2012

How to Examine the Contents of an iPhone App

Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are stored in a file with the "IPA" (iPhone App) extension. As seen on the Wikipedia page for ".ipa_(file_extension)". It says: "Files with the .ipa extension can be uncompressed by changing the extension to .zip and unzipping."

If you have a Mac or a PC and use iTunes to get your apps, then you can use it to extract the contents of the Lunacraft app, which includes things like the Items file.

The name of your Mooncraft or Lunacraft file will depend on what version you currently have. Update 1.7.0 is called "mooncraft 1.7.0.ipa". Update 1.8 is called "lunacraft 1.8.0.ipa". Update 1.9 is called "lunacraft 1.9.ipa". Here we'll assume you have version 1.9.

  • Find the file called "lunacraft 1.9.ipa". On a Mac i…
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Mrob27 Mrob27 16 October 2012

For the Moon is Hollow, and I Have Changed the Sky

On the iPad, all of my moons have a green sky. I know it gives you random sky colours every time you create a new game, because I've gotten other colours on the iPhone (purple, orange, and red). But not the moons I care about:

I want to keep all 4 games on the iPad and certainly am not going to start over just to get a different colour sky. But this green sky thing is kind of boring.

In my blog on the Internal Data Format I mention that the sky colour is in a certain file, but I hadn't figured it out fully. Last week I worked on it a little more, and got far enough to at least be able to change the sky colour.

The procedure is:

  • Work out the filename of the game.dat file (for Moon A, it is "ce8e8bbdb9cecd758687feae89e910a232b5f03c")
  • Back up the …

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Mrob27 Mrob27 11 October 2012


I decided to engage in a project a little more fun, and less tedious than the massive Hollow Hill project, and try my hand at realistic architecture above-ground.

Panoramic view of the city walls, castle, city gate, park, and various houses. (The purple blocks are temporary markers)

Here the sky is blue, but in most of the photos the sky was green. That's because I changed my sky colour; for details see my blog article "For the Moon is Hollow, and I Have Changed the Sky".

  • 1 Name and Purpose
  • 2 Chronology
  • 3 Castle Building Photos
  • 4 Details of Building
    • 4.1 Fortifications
    • 4.2 Tower Design
    • 4.3 Foundations and Columns
    • 4.4 City Wall Design
    • 4.5 Houses
    • 4.6 Sentry Towers

The name "Molycastle" is a reference to the impressive and tragically lost PolyCastl by OrigamiDragon…

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Mrob27 Mrob27 5 October 2012

The Subway

The subway is a way to get places more quickly, and without getting lost, and also has no Astronauts. The only special material you need are Ice and Light or Mini Lights, so a subway is quite feasible in either survival mode or creative mode.

  • 1 Purpose
  • 2 Overview
    • 2.1 Subway Map
    • 2.2 Common Design Elements
  • 3 Stations - East End
    • 3.1 Notch
    • 3.2 Kingsway

I play in creative mode. Some time after I had built a pretty good base, I accidentally threw away my graphite and wanted it back. Checking the Assembler recipes, I saw that I could make graphite from Moon Bark, which must be obtained from Colorwood trees (because it is not provided for you).

Colorwood trees are pretty rare on this moon (I had left all the options set to the default center position) so I had to…

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Mrob27 Mrob27 28 September 2012


This blog page is a test of different ways to get a panorama to display in the Wiki.

It also helps show examples of constructions I have done in Mooncraft.

Here is a panorama of the interior of the Hollow Hill project when it was roughly half complete.

Interior of Hollow Hill

This is a 360-degree panorama taken from 2nd floor in the as-yet-unexcavated southwest area of the Hollow Hill. From left to right we see:

Looking south and southwest: We see a floor with Gravel walls and a lot of Light blocks. This is part of the 2nd floor, still partly excavated.
Looking west and northwest: Dimly-lit vertical Gravel walls. Beyond this is the western part of the hill, which I haven't even started on yet.
Looking north, northeast, east and southeast: We see …

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 24 September 2012

Space Giraffes: a Caretaker's Manual

  • 1 Space Giraffes: a Caretaker's Manual
  • 2 The Space Giraffe
  • 3 In Captivity
  • 4 Grooming and Caretaking
  • 5 The Life Cycle
  • 6 Mythology

By Ori Gamedra Gones
Many of you probably don't know exactly how interesting an animal as common as the Space Giraffe is. The large, serene, whitish animal is often found around the landscape of your everyday moon, yet few people understand the complex care and maintenence they require to stay happy and safe in captivity.

The Space Giraffe, or extraterrestris camelopardilis is a large white creature often found traveling in groups. They appear mammalian but in fact have a coat of thin, wispy scales like feathers or stiff scraps of cloth. These scales must be kept in good condition or various skin diseases such as Split-Scale an…

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Mrob27 Mrob27 22 September 2012

Dome 7 inside Hollow Hill

As described in my Hollow Hill Project blog, the hill began with just a winding path up to the summit. After many months I decided to dig a connecting passage from the block 130 exhibit room to the hill, and I made this passage end in a staircase that would emerge right by the side of the path at the summit.

Shortly after digging the stairs I then decided to widen part of the stairs into an underground room, roughly cylindrical in shape. It was about 9 blocks across and 12 blocks high, and the stairs went right through the middle of it.

Here is a cross-section of the Hill before I began to hollow it out in earnest. The cylindrical room that is to become Dome 7, and the long staircase are visible:

Soon I thought maybe it might be fun to enlarg…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 22 September 2012

Now that I've stopped being lucky, I've started being really, really unlucky

I haven't written a blog post in possibly more than a month but a lot of things have happened, such as school, colder weather, and, oh, the impossibly unlucky unlikely catastophe I will soon relate to you.

This is not just about George. In fact this is not at all about George, and I assure you he is safe, stuck where he may be in a large, cold pit, alone for several weeks. I have little experience as a pet owner and even less as a virtual pet owner, especially with such a bloodthirsty ungrateful litle $&#@%&* as George. We have our trials and errors but this isn't about him.

What I am going to talk about actually happened a long time ago, right after i wrote my last blog. It was in a different world, a moon with a different sky, orange where…

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Mrob27 Mrob27 19 September 2012

Hollow Hill Project

This page documents my massive ongoing project to hollow out almost an entire superblock full of hills and convert the inside into a sort of "Space Mountain".

  • 1 Chronology
  • 2 Path to Summit
  • 3 The Main Project
    • 3.1 Cross Sections
    • 3.2 Progress Gallery
  • 4 Other Stuff
    • 4.1 Buried plants
    • 4.2 Terrain Regen Bug
    • 4.3 Underworld

  • Nov 2011: I use my maps to find the highest hill and make a path to the top
  • Aug 2012: I add a connecting passage from the Block 130 exhibit chamber, ending in a staircase emerging at the summit.
  • Aug 2012: Add the future Dome 7 as a langing on the staircase.
  • Sep 2012: Add astronaut trenches around the edges of the hills. Begin enlarging the Dome 7 chamber into a hollow hill
  • Sep 2012: Add perimeter surface-level balcony; connect the Hollow Hill to the s…

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Mrob27 Mrob27 2 September 2012

How to escape from block builder deluxe

The lunacraft forums have recently been abuzz with this question. The following post by the intrepid A Wikia contributor sums it up nicely:

I'm stuck at this stupid block builder deluxe does anyone know how to get past it?

There are three reasons why you might be asking this question:

  1. You paid $1.99 for the rip-off app "Mooncraft: Build Blocks". Sorry, but it's a hoax. The screen shots are images taken from Minecraft, but the actual game is a simple "block stacking" game. Delete the app, and stop buying stuff where 95% of the people gave it a 1-star rating.
  2. You got some other video game like "Bob The Builder Deluxe", or "John Deere American Builder Deluxe", but fell asleep while playing and woke up to find someone had shoved an iPad in front of your…
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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 1 September 2012

The Story of the Moral

I started writing this while typing up a new profile page, and decided it was waywaywaywayway too long, so I posted it here instead. It is the story of the reason I always end my stories with 'The moral of this story is to look both ways before you cross the street.' However, the story of how I came to do this is even longer than this whole blog post, which doesn't make sense, because it is part of the blog post. But if you really, really want to hear it, sure, go ahead.

The first time I heard it, it was in a joke, told by my friend in third or fourth grade grade to a class who had been told, "Let's all tell some jokes while the cupcakes are passed out." It was during a school birthday party and we were already hyper just from the notion of …

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 21 August 2012

I Am Literally the Luckiest Person in Lunacraft

I know its been a while since I wrote a blog post. But I have just had a crushing loss, so, don't complain.

This blog post is kind of three stories in one. The first story took up about an hour, the second took up two/three weeks and the third took up about an hour. Triple the OrigamiDragons today!

I seriously can't believe that nobody has commented an experiment I could do on George the Blue I. I thought you guys would have lots of suggestions. Do you really think that such a rare interesting creature should be left alone in peace, instead of being captured and brutally tested? Annoyed, and impatient to do something with George (The poor thing needs his excercise, you know) I had to think up more experiments myself.

The first experiment I tr…

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AstroBane14 AstroBane14 8 August 2012

Sweet Ideas

Ive been thinking that lunacraft NEEDS some new stuff. Maybe something like this. It would be super long and rare and hostile. It could drop a fang or something that

could be made into a dagger something.

They also should add food, like maybe Space Giraffe meat or something.

THAT would be cool.

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Bwochinski Bwochinski 4 August 2012

Dying in Lunacraft

I haven't played Lunacraft for terribly long yet, so I'm hoping I'll get better at it, but I have a problem. I die, a LOT.

It didn't happen much at first, and in fact I killed the first Astro (white) I found in a Lair by just peeking around corners and sniping him. Since then, however, I've died a good dozen times to Astros on the surface. I suppose I don't mind all that much, since my inventory is untouched, but trying to find my way back to where I was digging up resources isn't always easy.

I'm in dire need of some combat training. Every time I run into a green Astro I get owned. In the face. I imagine people playing on an iPad have a better time at it, but on my iPhone my fingers seem to get in the way of aiming.

Eventually I'll have a ba…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 3 August 2012

Blue Studies

Hooray! My experiences with the Blue I mob are not over.

And this time it didn't die.

Always good, Yah?

Well. This story starts with PolyCastl. Always a good beginning (And yes, a big blog post on that when it is finished.) After starting in work on PolyCastl It used up most of my time for building bases. Previously, my worlds had been as follows:

Moon A: A small starter base with only a few rooms, in creative mode.

Moon B: A survival mode world where I just perpetually wandered around killing astros.

Moon C: the modified base from the "Life in an Astro Base" articles.

Moon D: PolyCastl construction.

I realized I was a bit bored with my current setup. Whenever I needed a break from PolyCastl, I would wander in Moon B, and I wanted to keep Moon C b…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 30 July 2012

Astronaut Lair Photography

After getting over the death of the Blue I, I have found another profession. I use "Professsion" in the simplest sense, as there really are no professions to speak of within the game. But my new profession is interesting, and it is: Astronaut Lair Photographer.

You may think that they all look the same. They don't! Well, you say, at least from the inside. But don't take pictures from the inside. With the help of the transparency bug, I create underground transparent photos of bases. Here is a sample I took of a random base:

As you maybe have noticed, I placed lights inside some of the corridors, and there is a large pillar of ice I used to get back out. Usually I have to get inside a base before I can take a good picture, as corridors are un…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 30 July 2012

A Heartwrenching Experience

Sorry to write so many blog posts. But I just saw something that, while anticipated greatly, could not have been expected in its entirety.

I have seen one of the few (natural) wonders of Lunacraft. I have seen something so rare and beautiful that its shyness is lamented by every new player to read its wiki article.

I have seen the Blue I. And I have seen it killed.

Maybe some of you expected this too. Maybe those of you who read my long rambling stories about Astros were thinking, "Oh man, when Origami sees a Blue I all hell is going to break loose." Well here it comes.

I was in survival mode. This is the same world where I discovered the over 255 glitch I wrote about in thisblog post. I was wandering about, looking for boron crystal and astro…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 28 July 2012

"Over 255" glitch

This blog is unfortunately not about more of my awesome adventures. (Sad.) But it is a glitch that hopefully can be harnessed for your use. The glitch in question is the same as the Inventory Stacking Glitch by Christian Wilson here.

However, my blog has more detailed info and pictures, so I am only expanding on his blog, not copying.

Some of us may be aware that the stacks of items in survival mode have a cap. If you collect more than 255 of an item, any more you collect will be added in a separate stack. if you have no spots available, the new materials will simply not be collected and remain as hovering blocks even if you walk through them.

But if you take a stack of 255 blocks and a stack of any number of the same kind of block, and drag th…

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OrigamiDragons OrigamiDragons 27 July 2012

This is for All You Guys Who Like Experimenting on Astronauts

You know, I thought nothing could top my previous adventures. I thought nothing could so perfectly combine all my stories of Astros and defense.

I was wrong.

This is above all my greatest adventure. The most spectacular attempt at pure awesomeness I have ever undertaken. And it just might succeed.

It started with Minecraft. I know everyone is tired of hearing about minecraft, how it is better than lunacraft, how it came first, how it has more mobs, such things. this isnt about that. I don't even own Minecraft. (Do I want it? Yes. Of course I want it. you have to want Minecraft. Mom would never get it for me, but whatever.) So my brother's friend came over to our house the other day and he brought his computer. He showed me his giant city that…

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