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* Split items with multitouch.
* Encase biology and machine to heal.
* Aluminum batteries can be made from. 
* The slug pistol uses a magnet and needs.
* Jetpacks use a lot of energy and need a strong.
* The best machines are made from the best.
* Crystals have an exotic energy in.
* My boss's slug pistol uses an energy.
* Refine minerals to build useful.
* Pistols are made in a pistol-
* Turrets are powered, armored, and-
* Drills use two machines, a power source, and a metal.
* Energy orbs require.
* Neptunium comes from the rarest.
* Combine alien bio and machines to manipulate.
* Jetpacks use three energy.
* Quality metal is needed for pistol stocks and.
* Dilute Biogel to make post-it.
* Barren moon? Distill Wood for xenobiologicals.
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