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I have been traveling towards Planetrise for a long time now, probably a half hour in all.  My world size is 19.2 sq km.  The following information has very little evidence to back it up.


Over time, an effect of traveling so far has grown slightly into something called jetpack shiver, in which the ice shimmers in the frozen sea while the player is using a jetpack.  Additionally, I have found that after a certain point, the settings the moon was originally set to are invalidated.  Although I had

deactivated exotic terrain, I found an astronaut lair very far out, and although I had deactivated animals, I found three of them over the  course of a single minute, and all of this happened at once.  Before this, I had not seen any astronaut lairs or creatures at all.


-Rocket booster bug grows over time

-Sliders become less active or not active at all