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Jetpack V2 and V3.jpg
Jetpack V2 (left), V3 (right)

General Info

The Jetpack v1 is a device you start off with, and it is useful in a few ways. You can use this to get away from enemy mobs, and it also can be used to soar over two or more block high walls. Your Jetpack will reset each time you save the game. It will take a few moments to fully charge after your moon has loaded.


Jetpack v1

Jetpack v2

Jetpack v3

Maximum Boost Heights:

Jetpack v1: 10 blocks (9 easily)

Jetpack v2: 18 blocks (17 easily)

Jetpack v3: 30 blocks (29 easily)

Jump (No Jetpack): 1 block


  • In the game, the Jetpack actually is in the form of a pair of boots, looking as if it is based on the Hover Boots from another game.
  • The amount of charge in the Jetpack can be upgraded by Assembling the Jetpacks V2 and V3.
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