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Read the rules carefully! In order to keep the wiki a good place for everyone, certain rules must be established and followed. Anyone who violates them will be penalized. See Admin Ban Standards for more details.


1. Follow Fandom’s Terms of Use. Anything against Famdom’s Terms of Use will never be allowed.
2. Understand that all contributions are released under the Creative Commons BY-SA license, unless otherwise noted.
3. Comply with any other copyright or content licenses from other websites.
4. Listen to Wiki and Fandom Staff.
5. Always cite your work if needed.
6. Never abusively create or edit pages, categories, messages, etc. on the wiki.
  • This includes removing any content from a page unless it is unnecessary, doesn't contribute to the information on the page or the flow of discussion, or breaks the rules.
  • This also includes adding any content to a page that is non-factual or unconfirmed.
  • This also includes edit waring. Resolve the dispute in the corresponding talk page, and consult a content moderator/Admin if needed.
7. Never troll. This includes harassing, ad hominem, posting controversial topics, vandalising, posting NSFW content, or engaging in other types of trolling.
8. Never use unacceptable usernames. Doing so will get you instantly banned.
9. Never abuse accounts.
  • This includes having multiple accounts for one user, also known as sock puppetry.
  • This also includes having multiple users for one account.
10. Never abuse administrative or moderator powers. This includes using these powers to break the rules, unnecessarily banning or demoting users, or other ways of abusing power.

If someone is breaking the rules

Don’t fight back; this will only make the problem worse. Instead, report it to the Admin Noticeboard, or directly to the message wall of one of our active admins.