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Materials are the blocks that exist in Lunacraft. Some of them are generated on your moon, others need to be Crafted. Some Materials can only be obtained by Alchemy.

Lists of Materials by Category

Materials marked with an asterisk (*) are only obtainable through Alchemy.







Block Types That Are Not "Materials"

Non-Block Items That Might Seem Like Materials

Properties of Transparent Materials

There are five types of transparent material: Water, Blue Crystal, Sulphur Crystal, Boron Crystal, and Glass (also known as Hyperglass).

Mobs and other Entities cannot be seen through transparent materials:

When one transparent material is in front of another, only the front one is visible. The back transparent material effectively becomes invisible. However, non-transparent ("opaque") material is always visible, no matter how much transparent material is in front.

This photo shows five columns of the five different transparent materials. In front of these columns are five horizontal "bars" of the same five materials. This shows all 20 combinations of one transparent material in front of another, plus all 5 cases of two layers of the same material.


Transparent materials in mid-day light.


The same scene at night.

As the photos show, the material in front is all you ever see. The back material effectively becomes invisible.

Because of this property, materials such as Glass and Boron Crystal can be used to make Water appear completely transparent:


Main entrance to an Astronaut Lair that is entirely underground.


The same photo, after some of the top layer of ice has been replaced by Boron Crystal.

If there is a layer of empty space in between two layers of transparent material, then it sometimes does the same thing (back layer seems invisible) and sometimes does more what one would expect (both layers rendered, with color mixed together).