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Release Date

September 24, 2011

Other Updates

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Update was an update to Lunacraft that was released on September 24, 2011. This was the first update to the game.


This update had terrain features such as Chasms and overhangs (or "natural caves"), and Dirt surface at ground level, all of which are not seen in later updates. Most features in Lunacraft were added in this update.

Critical Reception

This update got very good reviews, but was criticized for its on-screen joystick controls. The developers responded to this by changing the controls in Update 1.7.0.

Developer's Description and Release Notes


Unlimited exploration ... endless creativity ... for free!

Created by fans of the indie hit Minecraft, mooncraft welcomes you to a future where you can explore and colonize a new alien moon every time you play.

  • Meet strange new aliens, some dangerous, some helpful!
  • Unlimited exploration in every direction!
  • Establish a base of your own design with dozens of materials!
  • Harvest alien light trees, take shelter under soaring arches!
  • Decipher clues left by enemy astronauts to create exotic technology!
  • No nickle-and-dime in-app purchases! You get it all!
  • Customize your moon, choosing how rugged and exotic the terrain will be.
  • Unlock the in-game Camera to take snapshots of your discoveries and creations!
  • Discover your own stories and build your own fantasies in mooncraft!

Note: Mooncraft needs lots of memory to generate the endless landscape. If it's crashing too much, try restarting the device! -- And an update is coming soon with bugfixes and new items and enemies![1]



Mooncraft alpha preview

Early gameplay of Lunacraft Update