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Release Date

October 8, 2011

Other Updates

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Update 1.7.0 was an update to Lunacraft that was released on October 8, 2011. This was the last version of the game called "Mooncraft".

Here are a couple videos on YouTube showing what the gameplay looked like:

App Store Description

  • Massively improved controls! Hooray!
  • Crashy bugs fixed! Tweaks and improvements!
  • All-new unlockable crafting guide!
  • New block types!
  • Convince Spacemen to protect you!
  • New music!

This version of mooncraft is optimized for the iPad, meaning that you can enjoy the full mooncraft experience on the big screen (Controls are positioned differently on iPad for easier use on its larger screen).

Gold Ore was a new block type to allow befriending of Astronauts. Also, Chasms are no longer included in the terrain of new moons. Improved controls include swiping to look instead of "emulated joystick"

Complete Backups

With Update 1.7.0, all game data is saved if you backup your device to iTunes. This is true for all iOS versions at least as new as iOS 5.1.1. This is essential if you want to be able to preserve your saved moons when restoring your iDevice from a backup or when moving your data to a new device. It is also important for mapping (see User_blog:Mrob27/Internal_Data_Format), because mapping programs read the backup files.

Full backups is a feature that was lost with Update 1.8.0, which tells the iOS not to backup saved game data.

(Some text partly from, retrieved 2011 Dec 23rd)