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Release Date

December 21, 2011

Other Updates

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Update 1.8 was an update to Lunacraft that was released on December 21, 2011. With this update, the name of the app changed from "Mooncraft" to "Lunacraft".

App Store Description

  • Name change! Welcome to Lunacraft!
  • New item: craft a Beacon to summon help!
  • Lunacraft moons are now a bit brighter in the darkest of night!
  • Various graphical fixes and tweaks

Some have noticed inconsistent lighting, perhaps depending on what the player is doing. For example, while digging a trench at night, newly-exposed surfaces might be lighter or darker than they should be, but by sunrise the whole trench is lit uniformly. This bug was fixed in Update 1.9.

No Backup Files

With Update 1.8, game files are not saved in the backups you make with iTunes or iCloud. After upgrading Lunacraft to Update 1.8, any saved game (moon) that you visit will be removed from any backup you make after that point. (Moons you have not played since Update 1.7.0 will still be in the backup). There is no option to change this feature and no way to force Lunacraft to include its saved game files in iTunes backups.

This problem is only present if you have an iOS version (5.0.1 or later) that enables backups to iCloud. If your device still has iOS 5.0 or one of the 4.x versions, Lunacraft saved games are still included in the backups to iTunes.



Lunacraft Gameplay

Gameplay of Lunacraft Update 1.8

At about 7:41, a Renderblock transparency bug can be seen.