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I am Supernova544, I love Minecraft and Lunacraft and like to Invent and discover things in lunacraft. I'm enterested in science, exploration, discovery, and inventing. I'm currently making maps in Minecraft and my username is B17fortress. I live in Ohio, U.S. and have lots of free time. I am an active admin on this wiki, so if you have any questions just leave a message on my Talk page, and it shouldn't be to long before I see it and reply.

Find getting all those crafted goodies to tuff? Wish you could escape those astros? Well now you can! Check out some of my blogs and learn to do cool stuff like have infinite crafted stuff, and working escape pods, all with the use of this games bugs!

Edit: I am semi-active, just leave me a messege on my talk page and I will reply.