Early Stellarcraft InDev 5/17/17

I am starting a Python project that I plan to be a Lunacraft-like game for Windows/Mac/Linux. Since it is written in Python, it will be open source.

I already have basic cubes and terrain generation with cubes. It generates the terrain with 3d Simplex Noise. It has seeding functionality just as Minecraft, inputing the same seed will always return the same terrain. Anyone interested?

The graphics and textures are placeholders. If anyone wants to make 16x16 or 32x32 textures, that would be great!

UPDATE 5/18/17

I updated some textures and enabled multiple textures on one cube. I also changed the sky color to purple to give more of an other-worldly atmosphere. Here is what the game looks like right now.
Stellarcraft InDev

Stellarcraft InDev 5/18/17

UPDATE 5/23/17

I added some basic plants that are randomly generated. The plants spawn with lights on the top. I added a simple day/night cycle with lighting. The sky color is now based off of the world's seed.
Stellarcraft InDev - Plant Lights

Stellarcraft InDev - Plant Lights